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The Problem Primate Working Group, in collaboration with People and Wildlife, creating conservation solutions for living together.

Human and non-human primates sometimes cause each other problems. Some species of primates are opportunistic in their foraging and when they come across human crops or food supplies this creates conflict. On the other hand, when humans destroy their habitat or with the best intentions approach so close that disease transmission can occur, we cause them problems. Solutions to these problems are being tried and tested wherever they occur but there is a need for better dissemination of the results.

 Mukunda - a Silverback Gorilla in Congo's Virunga National Park - had been leaving the forests to eat the crops (corn, bananas etc) of local villagers. The Rangers feared for his safety because he was literally destroying the livelihood of the communities around the forest.

The Problem Primate Working Group, looks at all non-human primates coming into conflict with people, not just apes. Anyone with experience of problem primates and solutions that they would like to share please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

IUCN Best Practice for Mitigating Human - Great Ape Conflict

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