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Saving the apes can help the fight against climate change.

Carbon trading has suddenly become a multi-BILLION dollar business. Not only could it reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming, however, it could also help protect forests where gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans and gibbons live.

This working group has been set up to explore the potential of carbon finance to contribute to the conservation of apes and their habitat. Some conservation groups are already putting these ideas into practice – see

The Ape Alliance Carbon working group is currently lobbying to change the rules governing carbon trading so that “avoided deforestation” carbon credits (especially from tropical countries) are recognised under the Kyoto Protocol and the EU Emissions Trading System. We must convince world leaders BEFORE the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (see ) concludes negotiations on the agreement that will follow the Kyoto Protocol (which ends in 2012).

To find out more about what you can do, contact one of the members involved

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The following documents explain this complex topic in more detail. Please read them and write to your MP, MEP, Senator or Congressman urging him or her to lend support.

Documents to download:

(via Google Documents)

  1. Forest Elephants: Tree Planters of the Congo (Biotropica 2009)
  2. Forest Elephants: Tree Planters of the Congo Supplementary Material (Biotropica 2009)
  3. Sample letter:
    An open letter from the Ape Alliance chairman to Rt Hon David Miliband MP, UK Secretary of State for Environment
    Please feel free to use this letter as a basis for yours, or simply write in support of it.
  4. Summary of arguments sent with above letter.
  5. Submission by SFM to the UK Environmental Audit Committee’s Voluntary Carbon Market Inquiry.
  6. Submission by SFM to DEFRA consultation on voluntary standards for carbon trading
  7. Two page leaflet summarising the issue.
  8. Forest Carbon briefing document by Global Canopy Programme (more info at
  9. The VivoCarbon Initiative - Forests First in the Fight Against Climate Change (more info at
  10. Ape Alliance members helped to draft the Forest NOW Declaration, launched with a full page ad in the Financial Times on 12th September 2007. Sign up to this important Declaration at and view the calendar counting down to Copenhagen 2009 at
Letters & Documents from November 2010:

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