Ajude a salvar os grandes símios e dos seus habitats

Tapanuli Orangutan

Save the Tapanuli Orangutan

terça, 01 janeiro 2019 12:04
14.02.19 | Science Daily | University of Vienna Flexible tool use is closely associated to higher mental processes such as the ability to plan actions.… Read more...
An adult male uses a stick tool.

Greenwashing: The hydrodam and apes

sábado, 23 fevereiro 2019 11:24
The Guardian | 10.02.2019 | Chimpanzee escape article Chimpanzees have used a branch to escape from their enclosure at Belfast zoo in the second breach… Read more...
State of the Apes Webinar: Managing the Promise and Risk of Infrastructure Development Click to watch the fantastic webinar, online and free! https://www.arcusfoundation.org/events/state-of-the-apes-webinar-managing-the-promise-and-risk-of-infrastructure-development/ Read more...
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