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Amazing Animals?

segunda, 25 janeiro 2016 11:00 General News

Amazing Animals?

Born Free | 18 January 2016


Our friends at the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) have today released footage filmed onsite at animal entertainment company “Amazing Animals”. The disturbing footage shows majestic wild animals being made to perform circus-style tricks as part of the business’ open day last year.

The company has  worked for many years in supplying performing wild animals for use in television and film and came under fire in recent years for sending white lion cubs to a circus in Japan, as well as hiring out bear cubs for display at an English county fair. Amazing Animals was one of the suppliers of animals for the recent BBC series “The Zoo”, which told the story of Chester Zoo.

CAPS’ Campaigns Director, Nicola O’Brien, commented on the investigation:

“The kind of performances we have caught on camera at Amazing Animals could have taken place at any wild animal circus around the world. That this company has been hired by the BBC, Hollywood film producers and major companies is extremely concerning.”

Said Chris Draper, Programme Manager at the Born Free Foundation:

“Here at the Born Free Foundation, we are very concerned that people simply don’t know how performing animals are kept and treated, and that the animals we see on television or in films may be subjected to exactly the same treatment as those used in circuses. The footage released by CAPS today goes to show that, just as almost everyone – among the public, Parliamentarians, the veterinary profession and NGOs alike - opposes the use of these animals in circuses on welfare grounds, so we should refuse to support their use in television and film or at events”.

Both Born Free and CAPS recommend that those concerned about the use of wild animals in entertainment should avoid any live shows, television broadcasts or films which use live wild animals in performances


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