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MSc Primate Behaviour and Conservation

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Learn about primate behaviour, welfare and conservation on this Liverpool John Moores University MSc taught by world-leading experts in excellent facilities in the UK and research sites overseas.

  • Learn from world experts in the field of primate behaviour, welfare and conservation
  • Undertake an overseas field trip to Tanzania included in the fees. This is a fantastic opportunity to observe primates in the wild. You will practice and develop advanced skills in behavioural observation, non-invasive sampling of health and welfare indicators and conservation monitoring*
  • Benefit from state-of-the-art teaching and laboratory facilities (including genetics, drone technology, behavioural endocrinology and GIS facilities)
  • Design and complete a primate field study abroad using the latest software packages, such as ArcGIS, R, Distance

The air fare, site accommodation and site costs are paid by LJMU You will need to fund other potential costs including field clothing, visas and immunisations (if required).


This exciting MSc course covers contemporary issues in primate behaviour, welfare and conservation and will equip you with the latest knowledge and skills required to succeed as a professional researcher.


You will learn about the latest primatology research from active researchers including: primate behaviour and social systems in the wild; primate conservation issues and main threats to wildlife in-situ; ex-situ conservation efforts in sanctuaries and zoos; and job opportunities for primatologists in the UK and abroad.


You will complete a hypotheses-driven research project in the second half of the programme, based on your knowledge of primate behaviour, welfare and conservation developed during the first half of the course.


For more information, see https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/study/courses/postgraduates/primate-behaviour-and-conservation



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