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Law Enforcement Advisor: Okapi Wildlife Reserve, DRC

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Location: Epulu, Okapi Wildlife Reserve (OWR), Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Reports To: OWR Director 

Direct Reports: The Law Enforcement (LE) Advisor liaises with the Directeur Chef de Site and the  Directeur Chef de Site Adjointe to ensure all aspects of OWR law enforcement.  S/he oversees the work of the ESPA team in the training and mentoring of the  eco guards. The LE Advisor advises, backstops, guides and mentors the OWR LE  leadership (Head of LE, Platoon and Section Leadership, Intelligence Officers) on all aspects of law enforcement. 

Start date: On signature of contract, as soon as possible (any time from beginning of December 2020) 

Duration: Two years with the possibility of renewal 


The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has been active in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve (OWR) for more than 30 years, supporting its creation, and subsequently working closely with ICCN (Institut  Congolaise pour la Conservation de la Nature) – the government agency responsible for protected  areas and wildlife - in its management. In December 2018, WCS and ICCN signed a 10-year  management agreement that delegated management authority of the OWR to WCS. This  mandate is implemented through the OWR Management Unit (RMU), which is led by the Reserve  Director and which is the executive body in charge of all day-to-day management activities, operations and personnel in the OWR.  

WCS is seeking a Law Enforcement Advisor (LE Advisor) to strengthen and support the  implementation of effective law enforcement within OWR. The LE Advisor will advise and support  the OWR Director, the Directeur Chef de Site Adjointe and the Head of the Law Enforcement on  activities and operations to build security and disrupt criminality in Okapi Wildlife Reserve (OWR).  A significant part of the LE Advisor’s work will be building the capacity of the eco guard force. 

S/he has the drive, ambition and vision to build a LE team that is capable of ensuring the security  of the reserve, and disrupt criminality within and surrounding the reserve. The person will be  comfortable living and working in a remote conservation area. S/he will be able to operate in a  challenging political and working environment. 

The LE Advisor is a key position within the reserve’s management structure. The position is based  permanently on-site at the OWR headquarters in Epulu, Ituri Province. 


Overall, the Law Enforcement Advisor will contribute to building the security of the reserve and  disrupting criminality within and surrounding the reserve. This will include, among others, to  support the OWR Directeur Chef de Site and the Directeur Chef de Site Adjointe to advise on,  guide and mentor i) intelligence collection and analysis, ii) the development of the capacity of  OWR law enforcement staff – including training and mentoring, iii) planning and operations, and, in addition, to advise, mentor and guide the Head of Law Enforcement on day-to-day operations.

1. Advising, guiding and supporting the OWR Directeur Chef de Site and the Directeur Chef de  Site Adjointe with the development of an effective law enforcement program for the OWR: To develop and implement a law enforcement staff training and mentoring plan that will result in building and developing the skills and competence of all OWR LE staff, particularly  the Head of Law Enforcement, section and platoon leaders, through training and mentorship To adapt and implement an innovative OWR LE strategy. The strategy will respond to the  security threats and to the criminality in the reserve and include all aspects of law  enforcement – including security, all aspects along the judicial chain (investigations and  intelligence, evidence collection and chain of custody, prosecution and conviction, and  sentencing and the follow up of sentences) and innovative disruption strategies.

  • To develop and implement relevant policies and procedures – including, for example,  policies and procedures for i) firearms and ammunition management, ii) collecting and  managing evidence and chain of custody, iii) storage of confiscated items, iv) codes of  conduct among eco guards, v) and other policies, procedures and systems that relate to LE  in OWR 
  • To assist with the identification, recruitment and management of external consultants, as  required, in the development and implementation of an effective law enforcement, and  training and mentorship programs 
  • To develop the OWR Intelligence Team to gather, collate and analyse information, leading to  the development of actionable intelligence. 
  • To work with the OWR Legal and Judicial Program Team with the case management and  successful prosecution and convictions of cases involving illegal activities 
  • To ensure correct conduct of routine operations, including mentoring in the delivery of  patrol orders, inspections, and debriefs 
  • To optimize manpower, including revising leave rotations, training and patrol schedules; to  develop and implement an operational readiness mechanism (ORM)
  • To manage and improve command structures, maintaining clear and detailed personnel  files, submission of monthly law enforcement reports, mentorship of all levels of Law  Enforcement hierarchy, and ensuring high levels of motivation, standards, and discipline 
  • To coordinate and supervise the selection and training of new eco guards
  • To coordinate field operations managers to ensure full integration of activities, and jointly  planning aerial surveillance and helicopter operations as and when air assets become  available, whilst maintaining appropriate use and effective risk management
  • To coordinate and supervise specialised courses for selected eco guards
  • To oversee security and maintenance of Law Enforcement assets, including vehicles,  equipment, infrastructure, firearms, and transport 
  • To ensure the implementation of crisis management and serious incident procedures
  • To work with the OWR senior management (including the OWR Directeur Chef de Site and  the Directeur Chef de Site Adjointe, the Head of Programmes and the Community  Development Lead) to implement an OWR eco guard well-being and motivation scheme
  • Ensuring all OWR LE staff are equipped with the appropriate tools, equipment and clothing  to perform their job properly 
  1. Working with the OWR Directeur Chef de Site, the Directeur Chef de Site Adjointe and  Communications Manager to ensure effective and strategic communications and coordination To maintain daily close coordination with the OWR Director, OWR Assistant Director, Head  of Law Enforcement, and the ESPA Chief Instructor. 
  • To work with the Communications Manager and external consultants, as contracted, to  develop and implement strategic and effective communications 
  • To support coordination and communication with the OWR stakeholders with regard to all  LE matters, and relevant local authorities and communities for improved Law Enforcement
  • To support planning and coordination with other key government agencies, especially ICCN,  CorPPN, PNC, FARDC and provincial authorities. 
  • To maintaining productive internal communications with senior OWR staff, senior ICCN and  CorPPN staff, and the wider OWR Management Unit in order to maximise effectiveness and  to reduce any potential conflicts 
  1. Under the supervision of the OWR Directeur Chef de Site and the Directeur Chef de Site  Adjointe, preparing deliverables and proposals 
  • To develop annual, trimestral and monthly operation plans, work plans and budgets, regular  donor progress reports, and technical reports. S/He will also contribute to fundraising  proposals. 
  • To support the achievement of quarterly and annual field operations and training targets,  whilst still responding and adapting to changing situations on the ground 
  • To ensure that all data relevant for the OWR Results Framework are collected and  submitted to the OWR M&E Officer in a timely and accurate way 
  • To identify, monitor and report on risks, according to the risk management plan, including  coordination of risk response actions 
  • To undertaking internal staff and program evaluations as required 
  1. Other responsibilities:
  • To operate in accordance with the laws of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the statutes of  ICCN, the Reserve internal regulations, and the policies and procedures of WCS DRC
  • To be available to perform all reasonable tasks assigned as part of the service by the OWR  Director and Assistant Director 
  • To assist greater reserve management, including participation in weekly management  meetings, liaison with the operations manager for logistical support 


The LE Advisor will have: 

  1. An analytical mind that grasps complex legal, security and criminal issues such as those  facing the effective management of the OWR and finds the most pragmatic, practical and  optimum ways to respond to the issues within the context of the reserve 
  2. At least eight years of experience leading, managing, and/or advising on law enforcement  operations, ideally in Protected Areas, military and/or policing operations.  3. Proven experience implementing intelligence-led law enforcement 
  3. Proven experience managing a law enforcement monitoring system. 
  4. Strong leadership and team building and management experience, including ability to  motivate, set objectives, and manage the performance of a multidisciplinary team.  6. Demonstrated experience in leading, training and mentoring staff – and, thereby,  developing the skills and knowledge of individuals and teams 
  5. The ability to communicate and explain complex processes and ideas effectively and  efficiently 
  6. Outstanding organizational and coordination skills 
  7. A commitment to working collegially with all staff, and professionally and diplomatically  with all partner organisations – government and non-government. 
  8. Demonstrated experience developing and maintaining partnerships and individual  relationships in a complex political environment 
  9. The willingness to gain an understanding of the institutional and legal framework of  conservation in DRC, as well as of relevant policy issues. 
  10. Proven experience in remote areas of the world, the ability and skills to make the most of  any given situation 
  11. A working proficiency in English, and French and/or KiSwahili 
  12. Previous experience within Africa, and ability to work with and sensitivity to a diverse group  of people including those of different cultures, nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds 15. And, in the face of sometimes profound challenges, the LE Advisor will have flexibility,  optimism, good humour, passion for excellence, motivation and ambition. In such  circumstances, s/he will be able to maintain high morale among his/her colleagues,  contractors and staff. 

Application process 

Interested candidates, who meet the above qualifications, skills and experience, should apply by  emailing a detailed application/cover letter and a detailed CV together with the names and  contact information of three references to: Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. . Please include “Law Enforcement Advisor, OWR” in the subject line of your email. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. If  you have any queries related to this position please contact: Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar..

Application Deadline: The position needs to be filled as soon as possible and WCS will receive  applications until the position is filled. 

About OWR  

Created in 1992, the OWR, at just under 14,000km2, is the single largest protected tract of intact lowland  tropical forest remaining in the DRC. The OWR harbors one of the largest remaining population of forest  elephants and the largest stronghold of okapi in the DRC and the single largest population of the eastern  chimpanzee in Africa. OWR is situated in the larger Ituri landscape; comprising more than 40,000km2 of contiguous forests, in which WCS is actively building conservation constituencies and supporting sustainable  agricultural practices amongst the local communities who depend upon the forest resources for their livelihoods, and on whom the future integrity of the OWR is inextricably linked. The Ituri forests also have a  rich cultural heritage and are home to the indigenous Mbuti and Efé peoples. The OWR presents a  challenging environment and is faced with a number of threats to its biodiversity and operations, including  poaching, gold mining, increased urbanization of surrounding towns and sporadic insecurity from armed groups.  

About WCS 

The Wildlife Conservation Society is an international NGO headquartered at Bronx Zoo in New York City  working to save wildlife and wild lands and to meet global challenges in over 50 countries in Africa, Asia,  the Americas and the world’s oceans. The Africa Program is the largest of WCS’s field programs, with  approximately 1,100 staff in 12 country programs focused across four major regions (Central Africa, Sudano Sahel, East and Southern Africa, and Madagascar and Western Indian Ocean). 

Our MISSION is to save wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education  and inspiring people to value nature. Our VISION is a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands and seas  valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth. Our GOAL is to  conserve the world’s largest wild places in 16 priority regions, home to more than 50% of the world’s  biodiversity. Our VALUES are Respect, Accountability and Transparency, Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion,  Collaboration, Integrity.

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