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Leonardo DiCaprio travels to Sumatra to support rainforest conservation efforts Mahita Gajanan | The Guardian | 29th March 2016 The actor worked with local groups… Read more...
There May Be Twice as Many Orangutans as Thought John R. Platt | | 4th March 2016 Researchers explored remote habitats and found evidence… Read more...

Row hits Jakarta's N Korea orang-utan plan

dimanche, 21 février 2016 22:27
Row hits Jakarta's N Korea orang-utan plan AAP | NT News | 16/02/16 Activists have hit out at plans to ship an endangered Indonesian orang-utan… Read more...
A plan to save great apes in Central Africa

A plan to save great apes in Central Africa

dimanche, 21 février 2016 22:19

Action Alert! Tell Geico to return to the gecko

mercredi, 17 février 2016 11:24
Action alert from Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest After the Super Bowl, a commercial from Geico began airing that included a short clip of a chimpanzee. Several… Read more...

Amazing Animals?

lundi, 25 janvier 2016 11:00
Amazing Animals? Born Free | 18 January 2016 Our friends at the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) have today released footage filmed onsite at animal… Read more...
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