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Exploring & Protecting West Africa's Biodiversity


16 June 2011 (Thu)
12:00 -





Thursday, 16 June 2011


Gashaka Primate Project

"Exploring & Protecting West Africa's Biodiversity"

This symposium brings together anetwork of researchers, students and conservationists who work in our around Nigeria's Gashaka-Gumti National Park, or whose work is related to GPP activities.

The event will take place in the Department of Life Sciences, Roehampton University, Holybourne Avenue, London SW15 4JD, from about 10am (Download the Getting to Roehapton University PDF document). Attendence is free but if you are planning to come can you please register adding by your name and email and ticking the 'attend' box at:

Morning (Gilbert Scott Room)

10:00 Volker Sommer (UCL) Welcome & Launching: “Primates of Gashaka”(Springer 2011) & Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee Conservation Action Plan

10:20 Catherine Barton (Chester Zoo) Conservation in Action: The North ofEngland Zoological Society's Field Programmes

10:40 Caroline Ross, James Higham, David Macgregor Inglis, AnnMacLarnon, Ymke Warren, Julia Lehmann (Roehampton University, London) Sociality and Female Reproductive Success of Olive Baboons

11:00 Julia Lehmann, Caroline Ross (Roehampton) Who’s the Boss? ANetwork Approach to Baboon Social Complexity

11:20 Break - delegates to get own refreshments

11:50 Nienke Alberts, Julia Lehmann, Stuart Semple (Roehampton) SocialNetworking for Baboons: Associations and Interaction

12:10 Valeria Montano (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain) Chimpanzee Malaria Vectors and Parasites in the Gashaka Park: APreliminary Study

12:30 Emma Bailey, Rebecca Boulton, Nicole Thompson & Emily Creaser(Roehampton & UCL) Snapshots From Current Masters Projects on GashakaBaboons: Parasites, Symmetry, Health & Teeth

12:50 Ann MacLarnon, Volker Sommer, Jackie Ellis, Adeelia Goffe, JamesHigham, Patrick Tkaczynski & Caroline Ross (Roehampton) Is GashakaStressful for Baboons?

13:10 Lunch - delegates to get own refreshmentsAfternoon (Room 1014)

14:00 Emily Lodge, Caroline Ross, Ann MacLarnon (Roehampton) EnergyBalance and Urinary c-peptides: Assessing the Energetic Status of NigerianOlive Baboons

14:20 Daniel Weaver, Peter Shaw, Claire Ozanne (Roehampton) VerticalStratification of Diptera Insects in a Nigerian Tropical Forest: Seasonal Effectsof Rainfall

14:50 Andrew Fowler, Claudia Menzel, Claudio Tennie & Barbara Fruth (Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig) Leaf -swallowing inPan: Origins of Self-medication?

15:10 Break - delegates to get own refreshments

15:30 Alejandra Pascual-Garrido, Oliver Allon and Volker Sommer(Departamento de Psicobiología, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain;Department of Anthropology, University College London) Ants and Apes:Army Ant Harvesting Strategies of Nigerian Chimpanzees

15:50 David MacGregor Inglis, Caroline Ross & Stuart Semple (Roehampton) Olive Baboons Sensitive to the Attentional States of Others: Evidence fromthe Wild

16:10 Suzanne Harvey & Thomas Roberts (UCL) Growing Pains:Ontogenesis of Olive Baboon Infants

16:30 Gonçalo Jesus & Ana Luiza Teixeira de Freitas (UCL, Goldsmiths) From Apes to Art: Damián Ortega’s Take on Tools

16:50 Caroline Ross (Roehampton) Closing Remarks

17:00 Drinks Reception, sponsored by GPP

18:00 Visit to Local Pub

Local Organizer: Dr. Caroline Ross, Centre for Research in EvolutionaryAnthropology, Department of Life Sciences, Roehampton University,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


University of Roehampton


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