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Make a film that makes a difference - Conservation Filmmaking Course


22 October 2010 (Fri)
12:00 -





There are many conservation and environmental issues that could be impacted if only the people involved were informed or educated about the causes and solutions that could make a difference.

Films and the Media are one of the most powerful communication tools we have, we just need to make the right films and distribute them to the audiencedecision makers community corporationlaw enforcersgovernment bodies who can create that change.

But how do you go about this,?? How do you produce a clear message, Who are your target audience, How long should it be, What style of film would be most successful, What equipment do you need, How do you record sound, How do you edit everything together, Do you need music, What part should a narrator play How do you monitor effectiveness???

All of these questions and more are answered in a very special training programme. It is designed specifically for  YOU if you are someone
interested in in using films and the media for conservation, environmental issues, animal behaviour, social issues, education in the field, training, promoting your research or creating change in anyway.

When:  Friday pm- Sunday afternoon October 22-24th

Where: Whitwell Hall, Norfolk

How much: £250 + Vat, includes accommodation and food.  Deposit £50

How do I book: Contact Madelaine Westwood, 01491 575 017 07770 577 549
                         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: This course has generated a lot of interest and early booking is recommended. It will unfortunately not be possible to issue refunds of the deposit, thank you for your understanding.

Making a Film that makes a difference, Itinerary

Friday:        PM:

  • Session 1   Why Make Conservation Films


Saturday:        AM:

  • Session 2  Overview of production
  • Session 3  Introduction to Cameras
  • Session 4  Practical camera work



  • Session 5  Review camerawork
  • Session 6  Using films in the field – visiting lecturer

 Afternoon Tea

  • Session 7  Introduction to Sound
  • Session 8  Practical recording practise


  • Session 9  Films involving Local Communities


Sunday:        AM:

  • Session 10 Ethics of filmmaking
  • Session 11 Introduction to editing

 Morning Coffee

  • Session 12  Writing the script



  • Session 13 Getting the message out
  • Session 14 How are YOU going to make a difference


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