Rette die Menschenaffen und ihre Lebensräume


Great Ape Trust of Iowa

Member Synopsis

Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary, formerly known as the Great Ape Trust, is a sanctuary and scientific research facility in Des Moines, Iowa, dedicated to understanding the origins and future of culture, language, tools and intelligence. Announced in 2002 and receiving its first ape residents in 2004, Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary is home to a colony of six bonobos involved in noninvasive interdisciplinary studies of their cognitive and communicative capabilities. Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary is a 501(c) not-for-profit organization.

4200S.E. 44th Avenue
Des Moines
Iowa 50320

Contact Info

  • Address:

    4200S.E. 44th Avenue, Des Moines
    United States

  • Phone: +515 243 3580
  • Fax: +515 243 8997


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