Tribute from Beverly Warren

Thought about you today, looked up yr tributes & tegan’s was second on the list.  You were a calm, beautiful person, what a wonderful (but short) life you had, I doubt you would change a thing… Aaron was your soul mate, Mark was mine, we had an amazing moment in this world, taken from us. I was lucky to ever meet you.  Tegan wants me to tell you, she loves you (forever) & Poppy wants to add that you were a lucky girl because you discovered gorillas that people thought were exstinct years ago, Poppy is like you, a bright button, I treasure them all & wish things cld hv bn different 4 us as, sleep & rest… you r with my father now, there are no better hands you could b with, dad…. I love & miss you every minute of every day, God bless you both xx