Tribute from Cheryl Joyce

Dear Ymke,

As I read through your tributes, I wondered if you ever realized how many (human or not)lives you have touched and how many people you have inspired with your passion and dedication to help wildlife. Your work and your wonderful spirit will live on for a very long time through all of us who were lucky enough to cross your path and through the people, who through your inspiration, carry on your work.

Thank-you for the time I had with you; thank you for your laughter, generosity, honesty, and patience; thank-you for days at the beach, evenings in the green pool, lunches at the salad place and times at the bird club. Thank-you for helping me settle into life in Africa – YOU made it fun and productive. What an amazing woman we have lost, you are missed so much by so many.

Good-bye, Ymke. I miss you and I hope you are in a peaceful place.

My heart goes out to the people close to you; Aaron, your family, friends and the folks at WCS.