Tribute from Weijie Wang

As co-collaborator, I have just started working with Dr YMKE WARREN in a international collaborative research project on primates. Though I did not met her face-to-face, I have heard that she was a very nice person and colleague. This story made me a great shock. Watching the photos from the website, I feel that she is still working on the field.

Weijie Wang

Tribute from Julia Lee-Thorp

The news of Ymke´s untimely and tragic death has just filtered through to us. It’s a terrible loss and we are very shocked and sad. Ymke was an exceptionally warm and open-minded person, possessed of an enviable assuredness and spirit of adventure. She was passionate and dedicated to the conservation of gorillas and their habitat, yet also realistic about what could be accomplished. Together we started an exploratory study on Cross River gorilla dietary ecology in 2006, and it has now developed into a major international collaborative project. Her energy, experience, knowledge, support and friendship will be sorely missed.

Our deepest sympathy goes to Aaron and her family and friends and colleagues.

Julia Lee-Thorp and Gabriele Macho

Tribute from Gillian Sales

Those of us from King’s College London who taught Imke have been very saddened by her untimely death and its manner. We remember her as a bright, hardworking, likable student who always gave of her very best and often exceeded our expectations. Her final year project on primate behaviour was an excellent example of this and I kept her report for many years to show subsequent students what can be achieved and how it should be reported.