Tribute from Kevin

I never had the pleasure of meeting Ymke but over the last three years through both Aaron and her family I have been granted the privilege of a glimpse into her life and work. People like Ymke and her colleagues who dedicate their lives to preserving what little is left of our wildlife and natural habitat are as rare and precious as the animals they strive to protect. Ymke’s senseless death is everyone’s loss and I sincerely hope her family and friends can take some solace from the fact that she was remarkable, gifted and clearly very much loved.

Tribute from Jana Jeglinski

I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Ymke’s death. Our paths crossed in Namibia, where I briefly worked for her on the Erongo Mountain Lodge in Namiba, as her field research assistant in the Shadow Hunter Project. I got to know Ymke as a responsible, kind, caring mentor and as a passionate scientist. I am very grateful for the beautiful field work period I could spend in her project.

I offer my deepest heartfelt condolences to her friends and family.


Jana Jeglinski

Tribute from Rachel Ikemeh

I’m only but shocked to read this and to find out how I am probably the last person to get this news, apparently several months later. Yet I feel obliged still to pay this tribute to Ymke Warren.

I never met Ymke in person but exchange emails with her a few times and she was just so warm and pleasant that I wished I would meet her and maybe get to work with her someday… I guess its too late. How very sad indeed.

Tribute from Aaron

Dearest Ym,

It seems inconceivable that two years have passed since you were taken away from us all, I look at your picture and it seems like yesterday you were shouldering your backpack and heading off to climb Africa’s highest peaks.

Some of us have applied ourselves to new jobs and new surroundings in order to find a path forwards in life. There continue to be challenges, but we take strength in your memory because that is all we have now.

Today of course we are reminded more than ever that we shall never leave each other behind.


Tribute from Beverly Warren

Thought about you today, looked up yr tributes & tegan’s was second on the list.  You were a calm, beautiful person, what a wonderful (but short) life you had, I doubt you would change a thing… Aaron was your soul mate, Mark was mine, we had an amazing moment in this world, taken from us. I was lucky to ever meet you.  Tegan wants me to tell you, she loves you (forever) & Poppy wants to add that you were a lucky girl because you discovered gorillas that people thought were exstinct years ago, Poppy is like you, a bright button, I treasure them all & wish things cld hv bn different 4 us as, sleep & rest… you r with my father now, there are no better hands you could b with, dad…. I love & miss you every minute of every day, God bless you both xx

Tribute from Marcella Corcoran

Dear Ymke,

A year has passed and I thought by now I would know what to write. I think of you very often, and when I do I also think of Aaron, your family, your work and your team in Cameroon. I didn’t know you so well, but can see by the tributes left here that you are treasured by many and missed so very much. There is no doubt that you will carry on in many people’s thoughts and in your work you undertook so passionately. So much good you have done in a short time. Rest.

Tribute from Tegan Warren

You were my auntie and I liked you a lot, my mum has shown me your work so that I might remember you better. I was not allowed to your funeral which makes me sad. My mum tells me a lovely story about you being nervous for me at your parents, when the fire was roaring and you and my mum were nervous for Kye and myself. My mummy cried, I asked her about you, I am doing my best at school, I love animals, especially our dog Jessie. I want to speak to you again and do not understand why I am not allowed, from your niece, Tegan. I am being good at school for you.

Walking in your footsteps

Ym, how strange it is to be here in Rwanda without you. Every week I meet another person who’s life you touched when you were here working with the mountain gorillas…they all have so many positive memories and I feel like I am getting to know you again in another way…

I don’t know why we didn’t move to Rwanda together, Nyungwe has many primate treasures and as I discover and experience each of them I think of the joy and fascination every encounter would have sparked in you.

Thinking of you,

Aaron xx

Tribute from Sallie Wald

Such a terrible loss for all who knew her, shared her enthusiasm, and admired her deep dedication and love for the gorillas of Cameroon. A senseless and sad event for so many. Ymke, you are in my thoughts and I will carry your memory in my heart always. Sallie Wald.