Capital One pulls chimp ad

14 March 2011 Science News

Capital One pulls chimp ad

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Washington Business Journal - by Jeff Clabaugh
Date: Monday, March 14, 2011, 2:40pm EDT

McLean-based Capital One Financial Corp. has pulled a television commercial that featured a chimpanzee and says it will not use primates in any future ads.
The company says the decision was made after reviewing information from PETA about the treatment of apes used in advertising.
"We believe you have made profound and compelling arguments about the treatment of primates," Capital One (NYSE: COF) said in a statement. "The ad in question is going off the air and we will not use primates in future advertising."
The commercial did not air in the Washington market.
PETA claims chimps and other great apes used in advertising are typically babies forcibly taken from their mothers shortly after birth and are physically and psychologically abused as part of their training.
It says 10 of the 15 largest advertising agencies now prohibit the use of great apes in their advertising campaigns.

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