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Tim Kenneally 'Wolf Of Wall Street.' | Paramount Animal-rights group says Leo “should know better” than to work with ape actors. People for the Ethical… Read more...
Huffington Post Online | Dominique Mosbergen | December 2013 Across Africa, chimpanzee numbers have been plunging over the last few decades, as habitat loss, the… Read more...
A US chimpanzee who paints with his tongue has won a $10,000 (£6,450) prize in a chimpanzee art competition. Brent, 37, created a delicate, vibrantly… Read more...
New methods and technologies have rendered chimpanzees in research largely unnecessary, says National Institutes of Health The US National Institutes of Health, the world's… Read more...

Les derniers Orang-Outangs de Sumatra

mercredi, 09 mai 2012 00:00
Les derniers Orang-Outangs de Sumatra | 28 Avril | UN FILM DE JONATHAN BARKER Pour l’article compléte, clique ici. Il ne reste plus que 6… Read more...
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