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There May Be Twice as Many Orangutans as Thought John R. Platt | | 4th March 2016 Researchers explored remote habitats and found evidence… Read more...

Row hits Jakarta's N Korea orang-utan plan

dimanche, 21 février 2016 22:27
Row hits Jakarta's N Korea orang-utan plan AAP | NT News | 16/02/16 Activists have hit out at plans to ship an endangered Indonesian orang-utan… Read more...
A plan to save great apes in Central Africa

A plan to save great apes in Central Africa

dimanche, 21 février 2016 22:19

Action Alert! Tell Geico to return to the gecko

mercredi, 17 février 2016 11:24
Action alert from Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest After the Super Bowl, a commercial from Geico began airing that included a short clip of a chimpanzee. Several… Read more...

Amazing Animals?

lundi, 25 janvier 2016 11:00
Amazing Animals? Born Free | 18 January 2016 Our friends at the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) have today released footage filmed onsite at animal… Read more...
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Jakarta, 20th October, 2015 Citizens of Aceh to register a Citizen Law Suit against Minister of Home Affairs on Aceh… Read more...
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